Member Benefits

The Dallas Dietetic Alliance network is growing every day. We pride ourselves on being the foremost Dallas-based nutrition organization for dietetic professionals. Our services and resources are designed to develop your skills, careers and network. All members gain access to exclusive videos, webinars, and other resources designed to facilitate personal and professional growth.

Information and Promotions

  • Memberships are renewed at the beginning of our fiscal year, June 1st. Members who have enabled the auto-renewal feature will have their membership renewed on that day. If the auto-renewal feature is disabled; then member accounts are ‘locked’ and the member area cannot be accessed until membership is renewed.
  • Every year, from June 1st to September 30th, members have the opportunity to enjoy our Summer Renewal Promotion. Membership prices are discounted during this period and are subject to increase starting October 1st.

  • $40, standard price
  • $30, summer renewal price

  • $25, standard price
  • $15, summer renewal price

  • $10, standard price and summer renewal price